Georgia Attorney General approves partnership between Emory Healthcare and DeKalb Medical

The Georgia Attorney General’s Office has approved of the strategic partnership and integration of DeKalb Medical and Emory Healthcare, solidifying the unity of the two health systems. With this final regulatory approval, it is anticipated DeKalb Medical will officially become a part of the Emory Healthcare system on September 1, 2018.

“We are excited about the announcement from the Georgia Attorney General, which is a significant milestone for our two organizations,” says Jonathan S. Lewin, MD, president and CEO of Emory Healthcare. “By combining a community health system and an academic health system, the communities and patients cared for by Emory Healthcare and DeKalb Medical will experience an even stronger quality of care with more accessibility to providers and specialty care.”

The two health systems initiated their requests for a partnership in November 2017 through a formal Letter of Intent. The Federal Trade Commission approved the partnership in March 2018. The partnership application was then filed with the Georgia Attorney General’s Office, which has announced its decision.

“We have been working for several months with Emory Healthcare to forge a partnership that will position us to grow and meet our community’s needs for years to come,” says Bob Wilson, president and CEO of DeKalb Medical. “We are confident that being part of Emory Healthcare is the right choice for our community, our employees and our physicians, and are anxious to begin fully integrating into the Emory system.”

Both Emory Healthcare and DeKalb Medical have strong roots in the community and the state of Georgia. Emory has had a presence in DeKalb County for more than 100 years, with more than half of its employees residing in DeKalb and the surrounding vicinity. DeKalb Medical has been serving the region’s patients and families for more than 57 years.

Save the Date and plan to join us!

On Friday, September 14, Emory Healthcare will welcome DeKalb Medical to the family. Festivities will take place at all three DeKalb Medical campuses and new hospital signs will be unveiled. Join us for one or all three celebrations!

10-11 a.m. North Decatur campus celebration, 2701 N. Decatur Road, Decatur (plaza in front of the main entrance)

1-2 p.m. Hillandale campus celebration , 2801 DeKalb Medical Parkway, Stonecrest (outside main entrance)

4-5 p.m. Long Term Acute Care celebration, 450 N. Candler Street, Decatur (outside main entrance on the first floor)

Stay tuned, more details to follow.

Hogan named Service Line Director for Perioperative Services at North Decatur

Andy Hogan, RN, MSN, CNOR comes to us from Emory University Hospital Midtown (EUHM), where he has served as the unit director in the operating room since November 2014. In that capacity, he led efforts to improve patient turnover time, reduce employee turnover and increase surgery volume in the operating room. He also worked as the unit director at Emory Clinic Ortho and Spine where he successfully grew services and made significant operational and quality improvements.

Hogan began working at DeKalb Medical on August 2 while continuing temporarily at EUHM. He will transition to full time at North Decatur on August 20.


Interventional Radiology provides Vena Cava Filter Retrieval

Studies show that these are health risks associated with the unnecessary prolonged use of IVC filters. More and more, physicians are ordering the removal of these devices once the timeframe for indicated use has passed, thereby mitigating the risk of filter-related DVT.

DeKalb Medical’s Interventional Radiology (IR) department can effectively remove Vena Cava Filters from patients who no longer need the filter.

To schedule removal of IVC filter please call DeKalb Medical Central Scheduling (404-501-7243 or fax order to 404-501-1743 with instructions to call patient to schedule the appointment). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IR department at 404-501-5231. Thank you in advance for allowing us to help care for your patients.

To learn more, read the article below:


MU3 requires providers to reconcile the patient electronic chart

As you know, meaningful use stage 3 was rolled out in early July. All physicians need to click on the “Approve Pt. Problem List” in order to be compliant with MU3 requirements. Also keep in mind that this only needs to be done once per visit.


MU3 requires providers to not only add at least one patient problem (coded diagnosis) to the patient’s electronic chart, but also requires the provider to reconcile (“Approve”) the patient problem list.

  1. After you have added a new problem and/or reviewed the current problems on the list, click on the “Approve Pt. Problem List” Approve pticon in the toolbar.

2 MU3

  1. Approving or reconciling the patient problem list can also be done in the following electronic notes under either the “Coded Medical or Surgical History” or “Diagnosis/Procedures” section:
  • Hospitalist H&P
  • Hospitalists Consult Note
  • Hospitalists Discharge Summary
  • Physician H&P
  • Physician Consult Note
  • Physician Discharge Summary

2 diagnosis

  1. No matter which way you approve the patient problem list, once you have clicked the icon it will then be grayed. If the icon is grayed out – it has been completed.

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Meet prospective patients at the AJC Decatur Book Festival

We already have physicians lined up to volunteer at this year’s Decatur Book Festival. For 12 years, DeKalb Medical has been a premiere sponsor of this community event. We have a prime location on the corner of West Ponce de Leon and Clairmont.

The festival takes place Saturday, September 1 and Sunday, September 2. This community event coincides with the official date we become part of Emory Healthcare (on September 1) and the public will have lots of questions. Our physicians and volunteers will play an important role in conveying our excitement and transition plans.

If you are interested in volunteering and meeting with prospective patients, please email Angela Soyemi, at by August 15. Your time commitment for this family event could be one hour or longer, depending on your schedule.

To learn more about the Decatur Book Festival, visit