DMPG Medical Directors Named

Following years of extraordinary service as medical director of DeKalb Medical Physician Group (DMPG), Duane Barclay, D.O. has stepped down from his role to focus on his clinical practice and family. He will continue serving on the DeKalb Physician Hospital Organization and Accountable Care Organization boards as well as DMPG’s Physician Board.After re-evaluating the scope of responsibilities for the position, Stephen Thomas, M.D., MBA, revised the job description – splitting responsibilities among three co-medical directors. Thank you to the following physicians for taking on these important roles:


  • Raoul Mayer, M.D., Ph.D., who will handle all DMPG surgical-based practices
  • Solomon Tafari, M.D., who will oversee hospitalists and medical subspecialties
  • Tina-Ann Thompson, M.D., who will be responsible for all outpatient primary care practices