DeKalb Medical Offers Mobile Mammograms to Veterans


DeKalb Medical, Health Net Federal Services LLC (HNFS) and Atlanta VA Medical Center (VAMC)and  have partnered to bring veterans mobile mammography.

This newly-formed program will expedite veteran care through the Veterans Choice program by providing mammograms at DeKalb Medical’s Mobile Mammogram vehicle parked weekly at the Atlanta VA Clinic at 250 North Arcadia Boulevard, Decatur, GA on most Mondays. The mobile center will be able to offer between 25 and 40 mammogram appointments each week.

“DeKalb Medical is honored to partner with the VA in providing mammogram screenings to qualified veterans. Through this collaboration, we offer convenient, preventive screenings on our Mobile Mammogram Van as well as required follow-up care. Early detection and treatment are the best ways we can help save lives,” said Cynthia Holbrook, Interim Executive Director of WorksWell at DeKalb Medical.

“This innovative public-private partnership allows HNFS to support the Atlanta VAMC by offering additional capacity for this preventative service as an extension of VA care. It also provides expedited access to local veterans in need of these services. This Mobile Mammograms program offers an exciting path to similar partnerships with VAMCs nationwide and it could not be possible without the tenacity of DeKalb Medical, VA and the HNFS team,” said Billy Maynard, president and CEO of Health Net Federal Services.