Otago Falls Prevention at DeKalb Medical

falls-preventionDeKalb Medical offers a new falls prevention program for adults over 65 years old or patients with balance deficits. Developed in New Zealand but recently promoted by the U.S. Department of Aging, the Otago Falls Prevention program prescribes individualized balance and strengthening exercises designed specifically to prevent falls. Data from the program has shown a 35% reduction in falls for participants.

How the program works

Covered by most insurance plans, this evidenced-based program combines clinic visits, follow up phone calls and intermittent follow-up visits. Otago Falls Prevention utilizes the expertise of a physical therapist to implement a combination of strengthening and multi directional walking exercises. Patients may be followed for up to 12 months to ensure optimal results.

Participant requirements:

  • alert (must be able to follow exercise instruction in group or individual treatment setting)
  • ambulatory with or without an assistive device (i.e. cane)
  • willingness to participate in a long term program

The Otago program will be offered at both the North Decatur and Hillandale Outpatient clinics and a referral is required. 

To refer or schedule a patient to this program, contact the Outpatient Rehab Department directly:

North Decatur

2675 North Decatur Road Suite 105

Decatur, GA 30033

office phone: 404.501.5140

fax: 404.501.7186


5900 Hillandale Drive Suite 110

Lithonia, GA 30058

office phone: 404.50.8140

fax: 404-.501.8387