DAISY Awards Recognize Outstanding Nurses!

december-winners-collageEach quarter, we recognize the outstanding contributions DeKalb Medical nurses make in providing excellent care to our patients. The DAISY Award is just one of the tools we use to create an environment of recognition and to retain high quality nurses.

We congratulate Janet Renfrow, RN, Pam Briggs, RN and Trevino Simmons, RN, winners of DeKalb Medical’s second DAISY Award!

There were more than 150 nominations and the top 3 winners were recognized not only for their compassion, but for going above and beyond to care for patients. These nurses were acknowledged by co-workers, patients, visitors and/or physicians for providing excellent service and showing exemplary care.

Here’s a snapshot of the comments made by the people who nominated the winners:

Janet Renfrow, North Decatur, Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Nomination comment: “Janet was our father/husband’s ICU nurse during the overnight shift the evening before he passed away. She explained in detail everything she was doing in a way that we could understand. She chatted with us to make us feel more at ease and allowed us to spend time with him when she knew it was valuable to us. She was the nurse to make the difficult phone call to my mom at 3:00 a.m. that his heart was failing and we needed to be with him.”

Pam Briggs, North Decatur, Heartburn Solutions Center

Nomination comment: “I originally met Pam in 2013 when I was diagnosed with Achalasia and GERD. This diagnosis really changed my world because I was unable to keep food or liquids down, which resulted in a major weight loss for me (245 lbs. to 170 lbs. in 3 to 4 months). I’ve always been in good health and a physically active man. I had orders from the doctor to have a series of tests done prior to surgery and one was called esophageal manometry. This test was one of the most uncomfortable and terrifying medical tests that I’ve experienced in my life, so much so that it made this grown man tear up and experience an anxiety attack during it. My guardian angel Pam kept me calm and educated me about the necessity for the test and what the results will mean to my condition. She performed the test with such consideration, technical proficiency, and efficiency, which made the experience bearable. Pam made a promise to me afterwards: that as I continue my journey to managing my Achalasia and GERD, if I ever need her, just call/email.

In 2015, I relocated to Houston, TX and recently, I started experiencing symptoms for my Achalasia and GERD again. Unfortunately, I had to re-take all of the tests with my new physicians that I selected here in Houston. The clinical coordinator who performed the manometry test was technically proficient but no way near as skilled, calming, and knowledgeable as my guardian angel Pam. Recalling Pam’s promise to me, I reached out to her to refer a physician with similar knowledge and passion for delivering exemplary patient care like I received from DeKalb Medical. She not only remembered who I was, the unique circumstances about my condition, and my experience with the test, but she remembered her promise to me and honored it. With Pam’s resourcefulness and assistance, I was able to locate a physician here in Houston, TX to help me manage my Achalasia and GERD.

Please know that you have a rare and unique gem down in the basement of DeKalb Medical and that rare and unique gem’s name is Pam Briggs.” 

Trevino Simmons, Hillandale Emergency Department

Nomination comment: “A patient was in the ED and turned very bad. A GI bleed was the issue. Very calmly he gathered everyone together and went to work, getting the patient’s rhythm back and blood pressure back up, while dealing with other patients. He was teaching and communicating with family and other coworkers. On a daily basis he educates and does not hesitate to inform anyone. Much respect to Trevino, a one of a kind man and nurse.”

North Decatur / LTAC Winners & Top Ten

  1. Pam Briggs – HSC
  2. Janet Renfrow- ICU
  3. Jessy Philip – 4400
  4. Dana Wetzstein – 2400
  5. Jalesha Gordwin – 4200
  6. Kelsey Rolwood – L&D
  7. Lorna Keize – Infusion
  8. Seifu Abegaz – 3600
  9. Alexis Robertson – 4400
  10. Vifemsi (Tina) Akuchu 4500

Hillandale Winner & Top Five

  1. Trevino Simmons – ED
  2. Rhonda Calhoun – Tele
  3. Jaylyn Williams – Tele
  4. Shameka Thompson – ICU
  5. Dorothy Hinds – 5th floor med/surg
  6. Mela Kissoon-Persaud – Tele

DeKalb Medical will honor the DAISY Award winners on a quarterly basis.

We encourage the medical staff to nominate exceptional nurses — remember to include a description of the situation(s) involving the nurse that illustrates how he/she meets the criteria for the DAISY Award.

Nominate an extraordinary nurse today: http://dmintranet/departments/pcs/Lists/daisyaward/NewForm.aspx.