New Electronic Blood Transfusion Process

Coming January 17, 2017: New Electronic Blood Transfusion Process for Nursing

electronic-blood-transfusionFor providers, the blood transfusion order is not changing. The current paper blood request form (pink slip) which is used by nursing to retrieve the blood from the blood bank will become an order within Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) & all documentation currently done on the paper transfusion form will be documented in SCM in the eMAR (Nursing Worklists) on 3 separate tasks.

All information will then flow to the Clinical Summary tab on the “Transfusions” view. This will make it easy for providers to view the  transfusion information on their patients.

Nursing will start documenting items from the current paper “Transfusion Form” on the eMAR tasks (Nursing Worklist) in SCM.

This includes all units EXCEPT: Center, Outpatient Infusion Center, Special Infusion Unit-HD, DTC, OR (both campues), Labor & Delivery, NICU, Emergency Department (exclusion – ED Hold’s).