DeKalb Medical Selects Partnership Consultant and Names Physician Partnership Committee

Partnership image

DeKalb Medical has formed a physician partnership committee to serve as the voice of the medical staff as we explore our partnership opportunities.  DeKalb Medical has also selected Cain Brothers to serve as our partnership consultants.

The physician partnership committee is comprised of the 19 doctors listed below and led by Mark Stern. This group has had one meeting to review the process and will meet again this week. Some of the individual members have been interviewed by Cain Brothers.  The purpose of those interviews was to ascertain what physicians consider most important as DeKalb Medical sets its objectives.

Physician Partnership Committee
Mark Stern, M.D, Chair – Gastroenterology (Independent)
Sandeep Chandra, M.D. – Cardiology (Independent)
Jeremy Chou, M.D. – Emergency Medicine (Independent)
Augustine Conduah, M.D. – Orthopedics (Employed)
Andrew Dixon, M.D. – Nephrology (Independent)
Rob Dretler, M.D. – Infectious Disease (Independent)
Gary Hixon, M.D. – Radiology (Independent)
Matt Hogan, M.D. – Hospitalist (Employed)
Jan Kennedy, M.D. – Pathology (Independent)
Raoul Mayer, M.D. – Colorectal Surgery (Employed)
Stuart Pancer, M.D. – Obstetrics and Gynecology (Employed)
Larry Ray, M.D. – Internal Medicine (Independent)
Naim Shaheed, DPM – Podiatry (Independent)
Scott Steinberg, M.D. – General Surgery (Employed)
Terri Tenhoor, M.D. – Pulmonology (Independent)
Tina Ann Thompson, M.D. – Family Medicine (Employed)
Jeff Traub, M.D. – Orthopedics (Independent)
Sherrel Vicks, M.D. – Internal Medicine (Independent)
Anson Wurapa, M.D. – Infectious Disease (Independent)

With information gathered from interviews, Cain Brothers will clearly define why we’re pursuing a partnership and what we plan to get out of it. DeKalb Medical intends to send out our request for proposals (RFP) in late April to early May.  When proposals come in later this summer, the hospital will have an agreed upon set of objectives and clear criteria to judge them against. We anticipate a good response to our RFP followed by a negotiating phase. We will keep you updated with our general progress, but there will be a period when the hospital leadership cannot share information.