Enhanced Hip Fracture Program Kicks Off April 1

hip fractureAn enhanced hip fracture program has been developed that will improve outcomes of hip fracture patients who enter the hospital through the Emergency Department (ED). The program is a coordinated effort between multiple departments to expedite the most appropriate care for a hip fracture patient. This process will decrease the time from an ED admittance to the surgical repair and on to the appropriate discharge of the patient.

The coordinated hip fracture program will also help decrease a patient’s pain with the early use of a femoral nerve block (a non-narcotic pain relief) within the ED while the patient awaits a surgical repair within 24 hours of arrival.

“The hip fracture program was created to provide better care for patients in the community,” said Dr. Nathan Jové of Atlanta Bone and Joint Specialists. “Reviewing data from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons showed us that hip fractures need to be fixed within 24-48 hours to ensure better outcomes.”

“Our goal with the enhanced program at DeKalb Medical is to do surgery within the first 24 hours from when a patient comes to the ED. We are also striving to reduce the length of stay from 6 days to 3.1 days.  We will be speaking with our Emergency Medical Services providers, nursing homes and senior centers to let them know about this highly-efficient program.  We will have case managers involved in the care far earlier and work with insurance providers to ensure patients can leave the hospital,” Jove’ added.

Dr. Nathan Jove has led the orthopedic aspect of the program while Emergency Department physician Dr. Ben Lefkove and Hospitalist Dr. Jonathan Perkins were major contributors of the coordination efforts.