Foundation Donor Spotlight on Steven Barnett, D. C.

Steven BarnettSteven Barnett, D.C., spent 30 years as a private-practice chiropractor. During those three decades, he learned the importance of creating great relationships with his patients, as well as fellow chiropractors and physicians. Now, as the Director of Chiropractic Relations for DeKalb Medical, Barnett continues to hone those relationships to benefit the hospital, as well as patients in need of superior care. Barnett was a star basketball player at Brooklyn College where an injury changed his life—and his career path. Through his recovery, he became interested in a holistic approach to medicine, which led him to chiropractic school. It was a career that served him well.

“Back pain is an epidemic, and the 78,000 chiropractors in the United States are the foot soldiers who are fighting it.” In his role for the hospital, Barnett visits chiropractors and physicians, and encourages them to send their patients to DeKalb Medical when imaging and other care is needed. Though his work has brought business and revenue to the hospital, Barnett wanted to take it a step further and became a member of the Founders’ Circle by donating to the DeKalb Medical Foundation. “It was important for me to donate. What we do at DeKalb Medical is special. The staff is special, the administration is special. The culture is special,” he said. “We are that mid-size hospital that can cater to our patients in a unique way.”