New Requirement Announced in Meaningful Use Stage 3

Meaningful Use Stage 3 is now requiring providers to reconcile (“Approve”) the patient problem list on all inpatients. This only needs to be done once per visit. 

  1. After you have added a new patient problem and/or reviewed the current problems on the list, click on the “Approve Pt. Problem List” icon meaningful use ain the toolbar.meaningful use 1
  2. Approving or reconciling the patient problem list can also be done in the following electronic notes under either the “Coded Medical or Surgical History” or “Diagnosis/Procedures” section:
  •   Hospitalists H&P
  •    Hospitalists Consult Note
  •    Hospitalists Discharge Summary
  •    Physician H&P
  •    Physician Consult Note
  •    Physician Discharge Summary

meaningful use 2

  1. No matter which way you approve the patient problem list, once you have clicked the icon it will then be grayed.   If the icon is grayed out – it has been completed.

meaningful use 3