Enhanced Hip Fracture Program Kicks Off April 1

hip fractureAn enhanced hip fracture program has been developed that will improve outcomes of hip fracture patients who enter the hospital through the Emergency Department (ED). The program is a coordinated effort between multiple departments to expedite the most appropriate care for a hip fracture patient. This process will decrease the time from an ED admittance to the surgical repair and on to the appropriate discharge of the patient.

The coordinated hip fracture program will also help decrease a patient’s pain with the early use of a femoral nerve block (a non-narcotic pain relief) within the ED while the patient awaits a surgical repair within 24 hours of arrival.

“The hip fracture program was created to provide better care for patients in the community,” said Dr. Nathan Jové of Atlanta Bone and Joint Specialists. “Reviewing data from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons showed us that hip fractures need to be fixed within 24-48 hours to ensure better outcomes.”

“Our goal with the enhanced program at DeKalb Medical is to do surgery within the first 24 hours from when a patient comes to the ED. We are also striving to reduce the length of stay from 6 days to 3.1 days.  We will be speaking with our Emergency Medical Services providers, nursing homes and senior centers to let them know about this highly-efficient program.  We will have case managers involved in the care far earlier and work with insurance providers to ensure patients can leave the hospital,” Jove’ added.

Dr. Nathan Jove has led the orthopedic aspect of the program while Emergency Department physician Dr. Ben Lefkove and Hospitalist Dr. Jonathan Perkins were major contributors of the coordination efforts.

DeKalb Medical now accepting applications for Dr. Gulshan S. Harjee Scholarship

Gulshan Harjee, M.D.High school seniors interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field are invited to apply for the Dr. Gulshan S. Harjee Scholarship. Applications are due Monday, April 30, 2018.

The scholarship, which is named for well-known Atlanta-area internist, Gulshan Harjee, M.D., will be awarded to students who embody her passion and dedication to caring for others, despite facing challenges similar to the ones Dr. Harjee has overcome. Eligible students will be finishing high school, accepted to an accredited college and university, and will be interested in working in the medical field in roles including patient care techs, nurses, healthcare social workers, pharmacy techs or physicians.

Though Dr. Harjee has provided for the scholarship, donations also are welcome from the community to continue funding this important program. Visit us online at http://www.dekalbmedicalfoundation.org to donate or apply for the scholarship.

Dr. Gulshan Harjee Recognized for work with Clarkston Community Health Center

Dr. Harjee is being honored by the Emory Medical School alumni association for her work with the Clarkston Community Health Center (CCHS).

She is also being recognized with an award from the New American Pathways for her work with CCHS.

Could Your Patients Benefit from a Prescription for Exercise?

The Wellness Center is excited to offer Exercise is Medicine®. Could your patients benefit from a prescription for exercise? Exercise is Medicine is a global health initiative managed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). The initiative encourages primary care physicians and other health care providers to include physical activity when designing treatment plans for patients. The most popular programs are Healthy Heart Fitness and Pulmonary Fitness.

paul and meredith_iOther programs under Exercise is Medicine include Diabetes Fitness, Fit for Surgery, Functional Fitness, Inactive to Active, Orthopedic Fitness, and Weight Management. For a description of each program, download a copy of the Exercise is Medicine Referral form EIM Referral Form.

Each program includes pre and post measurements, individual exercise prescription and progress reports to healthcare provider.

The Wellness Center is able to offer Exercise is Medicine as part of its Medical Fitness certification. The Wellness Center can provide prescription forms to any doctor’s office so they are able to prescribe exercise to their patient. The patient will bring the prescription to the Wellness Center and the patient will be set up for an assessment with a wellness coach.

For more information, contact Kyle Roberts, Wellness Center Fitness Manager at 404-501-5793 or kyle.roberts@dekalbmedical.org.

Physicians Urged to Provide SAFE Input to Improve Patient Outcomes

An important way for DeKalb Medical to continue to improve patient outcomes is through feedback provided in Safety and Feedback Events (SAFE) reporting system. SAFE is used to report Risk events such as Unsafe Conditions, Near Misses & Adverse Events and Feedback which captures your Concerns and Suggestions. The system is set-up to be quick and simple to use.

You will receive an introduction to our Safety and Feedback Event system in the very near future. Look for an instructional sheet in the physicians’ lounges and at a Continuing Medical Education (CME) event.

Foundation Donor Spotlight on Steven Barnett, D. C.

Steven BarnettSteven Barnett, D.C., spent 30 years as a private-practice chiropractor. During those three decades, he learned the importance of creating great relationships with his patients, as well as fellow chiropractors and physicians. Now, as the Director of Chiropractic Relations for DeKalb Medical, Barnett continues to hone those relationships to benefit the hospital, as well as patients in need of superior care. Barnett was a star basketball player at Brooklyn College where an injury changed his life—and his career path. Through his recovery, he became interested in a holistic approach to medicine, which led him to chiropractic school. It was a career that served him well.

“Back pain is an epidemic, and the 78,000 chiropractors in the United States are the foot soldiers who are fighting it.” In his role for the hospital, Barnett visits chiropractors and physicians, and encourages them to send their patients to DeKalb Medical when imaging and other care is needed. Though his work has brought business and revenue to the hospital, Barnett wanted to take it a step further and became a member of the Founders’ Circle by donating to the DeKalb Medical Foundation. “It was important for me to donate. What we do at DeKalb Medical is special. The staff is special, the administration is special. The culture is special,” he said. “We are that mid-size hospital that can cater to our patients in a unique way.”

Echols Cole Practices Medicine Differently Since Having Cancer

Tonya Echols ColeTonya Echols Cole, MD. is a board certified radiation oncologist, who after treating cancer for almost 20 years, became a cancer patient herself. In 2004, she learned she had Stage II triple negative breast cancer. She found out that she carried a hereditary gene, which required her to have a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. Her treatment also involved seven months of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to have her ovaries removed.

“Prior to having cancer, I approached medicine very scientifically,” said Cole. “Since having cancer, I practice medicine differently. I understand how other elements of a patient’s life may affect their cancer treatment. There may be financial worries, treatment transportation challenges and emotional stressors that impact a patient’s ability to make treatment their first priority. I am mindful to give patients time to ask ample questions and try to delve deeper if they have an uneasy look. ”

Cole recognizes that cancer patients need more than a cure for their illness. They need help regaining what cancer took from them. They also need help living a normal life after cancer.

Her experience with cancer inspired her to write her first book in 2015 entitled “Mommy’s Naughty Cancer.” The book is also available as “Dad’s Naughty Cancer.” These children’s books are ideal for families dealing with cancer and finding it difficult to explain to the children in the household. Echols Cole’s twins were only two when she was diagnosed.

In 2018, after much personal development, Cole published her second book “Awesome After Cancer – A Prescription for Life.” This book relays some of her experiences with body image, weight gain, hot flashes, depression, intimacy and finances.

Cole encourages everyone to live their best life now and realize that it is possible to live a happier and fuller life after cancer. Cole advises cancer patients to use cancer to push you towards your goals.

Hear more from Dr. Tonya Echols Cole on the Weekly Checkup with Bruce Feinstein this Sunday at 2 p.m. on WSB radio. 

Her books are available at http://drtonyamd.com/awesomeaftercancer/ or on Amazon.