Deactivation of all message to orders effective September 18

In order to improve patient safety and delays in patient care, the “Message to” orders function in Allscripts will be de-activated, except for the ones built into existing order sets. “Message to” notes are easy to miss, causing a risk to patient care. This change has been reviewed and approved by all Medical Executive Committees and administration.

NICU will be excluded from this for the time being until additional orders can be built to accommodate their workflow.

If you have any questions, please contact the Chief Medical Information Officers (CMIOs), Dr. Stuart Pancer or Dr. Benjamin Lefkove.

Changes to our administrative team

A message from Jim Forstner, CEO Emory Decatur Hospital, Emory Hillandale Hospital & Emory Long Term Acute Care

Our three hospitals are now considered one operating unit within Emory Healthcare. The terminology you will hear when we talk about our three hospitals is “operating unit.”  The DeKalb Medical Physicians Group, as an entity, has joined Emory’s physician group practice, and the physician practices are now part of the larger Emory Specialty Associates group.  Our new administrative structure reflects that change.

Our administrative team will have a matrix structure with some on the administrative team reporting directly to me, and others reporting to an Emory Healthcare system leader with a “dotted line” relationship to me. Transition of departments reporting to these individuals will take place over time.

This approach will help us leverage the strengths and standardization of the broader Emory Healthcare system while ensuring we maintain our local operating unit focus, especially during this integration phase.

I am pleased to announce our new administrative team roles:

  • Kim Bentley, Vice President of Operations, Emory Hillandale Hospital. Kim will report directly to me.
  • Liz Daunt-Samford, Chief Financial Officer. Liz will report to the EHC Chief Financial Officer, with a dotted line to me.
  • Cathy Hardin, Vice President of Human Resources. Cathy will report to the EHC Chief Human Resources Officer, with a dotted line to me.
  • Cheryl Iverson, Vice President of Marketing & Communications. Cheryl will report to the EHC Vice President of Marketing, with a dotted line to me.
  • Sharon Mawby, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer for the operating unit. Sharon will report directly to me with a dotted line to the EHC Chief Nurse Executive.
  • Raoul MayerMD, Vice President of Medical Affairs will continue to report to me.
  • Beth Patino, Vice President and Chief Information Officer. Beth will report to the EHC Chief Information Officer, with a dotted line to me.
  • Jen Schuck, Vice President of Operations, Emory Decatur Hospital will report directly to me. Jen has previously served as the Vice President of Operations at Emory University Hospital. She has played an integral role in our partnership with Emory Healthcare, and many of you have already had the opportunity to work with her. We are thrilled to welcome her into this new role.
  • Joel Schuessler, Vice President & General Counsel. Joel will report to me until his departure on September 29..
  • Stephen Thomas, MD, will report to the Chief Operating Officer of EHC’s Physician Group Practices

Hip Fracture Program Aims to Provide Best Possible Care for Patients

Emory Decatur Hospital and Emory Hillandale Hospital have developed a hip fracture program that allows patients suffering from a hip fracture to undergo surgery within 24 hours from arrival in the Emergency Department.

Prior to having this program in place, if a hip fracture patient came in through the Emergency Department, they may have to wait three to five days for surgery. However by having a dedicated program in place, much needed surgery is provided for that patient sooner, usually reducing further complications and readmissions rates.

Orthopedic surgeon Nathan Jove, MD, states, “The program was started because hip fracture patients were not seen as an urgent need, but as a routine case. Studies confirm that waiting for greater than 30 hours for surgery can drastically increase the risk of complications post-surgery. Now we have a team in place that makes sure that patient is undergoing surgery within 24 hours.”

Coordinated care amongst Emergency Department hospitalists, orthopedic surgeons, an orthopedic nursing staff, anesthesia, therapists and care management staff provide optimal care for the patient during and post-discharge. Communication between parties to make sure the patient has surgery within 24 hours that include specific treatment guidelines and protocol, including the involvement of a care management team, has drastically reduced the length of stay for the patient. Physical therapists meet with the patient to provide strength and mobility exercises. The use of a Femoral Nerve Block for pain control provides postoperative pain management and limits the use of opioids.

Matt Glogowski, program manager for the Joint Solutions Center at Emory Decatur Hospital notes, “Our dedicated team has been instrumental in the development of a formal hip fracture treatment program. Our program has now medically optimized the fracture patient leading to: early recognition and orthopedic consult, early pain reduction without the use of strong opioid medications, early surgical intervention (less than 24 hours from ED to the OR), and early mobilization with physical therapy all leading to a decreased length of stay in the hospital, low complication rate, improved patient satisfaction, but more importantly, better outcomes and greater functional ability for our fracture patients.”

Overall, having a dedicated multidisciplinary team approach and care pathway protocol allows for the successful treatment and patient outcome of hip fractures.


  • Program launched April 2018
  • Number of patients through the program: 40+
  • Medium time to surgery: 23 hours
  • Average LOS: 4.04 days
  • Femoral Nerve Block use for pain management
  • Early ambulation with use of therapy rehabilitation
  • A dedicated multi-disciplinary team providing best outcomes for hip fracture patients

Emory Healthcare partnership celebration recap

Partnership celebration collageExcitement filled the air on all three campuses on September 14, as everyone came together to celebrate our partnership with Emory Healthcare.

Staff, volunteers, leadership, board members and DeKalb County officials witnessed the unveiling of our new hospital signage. The morning and afternoon celebrations evoked a real sense of pride. Staff were able to write memories  for the ‘Moment in time’ time capsule. Guests also stopped by the DeKalb Medical memorabilia table to take photos and share memories.

Guests at North Decatur and Hillandale enjoyed live jazz from the Dan Coy Trio. Guests at LTAC were entertained by (patient financial services) Craig Cuthbert, who played saxophone.

The celebrations marked the beginning of a great future!   Link video

Watch this video clip from the celebrations, including signage unveiling and interviews:

Physician and Practice Updates at former DeKalb Medical Physician Group practices

    • Marcella Cox, DO joins Emory at Tucker Primary Care, LaVista Road (formerly DMPG North Tucker Primary Care). She relocated from Emory at Tucker Primary Care, 1462 Montreal Road (formerly DMPG Montreal Internal Medicine), effective 8/20/18.
    • Sean McGrath, MD joins Drs. Quinones, Reynolds and Shah at Emory at Decatur Surgery & Surgical Oncology (formerly DMPG General Surgery and Surgical Oncology), effective 9/1/18.
    • Candace White, DO joins Emory at Miller Grove Primary Care (formerly DMPG Miller Grove Primary Care), relocating from Emory at Hillandale Primary Care (formerly DMPG Lithonia Primary Care), effective 9/1/18.
    • Kinzi Shewmake, MD is no longer with Emory at Miller Grove Primary Care (formerly DMPG Miller Grove Primary Care), effective 9/2/18.



Georgia Attorney General approves partnership between Emory Healthcare and DeKalb Medical

The Georgia Attorney General’s Office has approved of the strategic partnership and integration of DeKalb Medical and Emory Healthcare, solidifying the unity of the two health systems. With this final regulatory approval, it is anticipated DeKalb Medical will officially become a part of the Emory Healthcare system on September 1, 2018.

“We are excited about the announcement from the Georgia Attorney General, which is a significant milestone for our two organizations,” says Jonathan S. Lewin, MD, president and CEO of Emory Healthcare. “By combining a community health system and an academic health system, the communities and patients cared for by Emory Healthcare and DeKalb Medical will experience an even stronger quality of care with more accessibility to providers and specialty care.”

The two health systems initiated their requests for a partnership in November 2017 through a formal Letter of Intent. The Federal Trade Commission approved the partnership in March 2018. The partnership application was then filed with the Georgia Attorney General’s Office, which has announced its decision.

“We have been working for several months with Emory Healthcare to forge a partnership that will position us to grow and meet our community’s needs for years to come,” says Bob Wilson, president and CEO of DeKalb Medical. “We are confident that being part of Emory Healthcare is the right choice for our community, our employees and our physicians, and are anxious to begin fully integrating into the Emory system.”

Both Emory Healthcare and DeKalb Medical have strong roots in the community and the state of Georgia. Emory has had a presence in DeKalb County for more than 100 years, with more than half of its employees residing in DeKalb and the surrounding vicinity. DeKalb Medical has been serving the region’s patients and families for more than 57 years.

Save the Date and plan to join us!

On Friday, September 14, Emory Healthcare will welcome DeKalb Medical to the family. Festivities will take place at all three DeKalb Medical campuses and new hospital signs will be unveiled. Join us for one or all three celebrations!

10-11 a.m. North Decatur campus celebration, 2701 N. Decatur Road, Decatur (plaza in front of the main entrance)

1-2 p.m. Hillandale campus celebration , 2801 DeKalb Medical Parkway, Stonecrest (outside main entrance)

4-5 p.m. Long Term Acute Care celebration, 450 N. Candler Street, Decatur (outside main entrance on the first floor)

Stay tuned, more details to follow.